Lit Link Festival 2019

Lit Link, the annual summer literature festival whose unofficial motto is literature without borders, is upon us again. Every year, authors from a different country or language group are invited to read their work alongside Croatian authors. While the author reads in his/her native language, a translation is projected onto a large screen onstage making all readings cross culturally accessible.

This year’s festival welcomes authors from German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and kicks off this Wednesday, June 26th in Zagreb at the cult café/cultural club and hangout for literary folks, booksa. The festival then moves to Pula on June 27th, Rijeka on June 28th and ends with a large event in Zagreb on June 29th in Zagreb’s alternative mecca, the club Močvara.

Guest authors who will present their work at the festival include Anke Stelling, Jonas Lüscher, Lauren Freudenthaler and Jovana Reisinger. Guest participants also include editors and publishers Kristine Listau and Jörg Sundermeier and literary editor Jessica Beer.
Croatian authors include (with more to be announced soon):
Pula- Željka Horvat Čeč, Neven Ušumovic, Viktorija Božina
Rijeka- Goran Ferčec, Damir Pilić
Zagreb- Asja Bakić, Nebojša Lujanović, Darko Šeparović, Zoran Lazić

All events are free and open to all literature lovers!


Ivana Sajko Wins the International Literature Award

Croatian author, Ivana Sajko, was named this year's winner of Germany's International Literature Award, for her novel Liebesroman (Love Novel). The award recognizes the best translation of an international novel into German.


Dubravka Ugrešić Wins Tportal Award for Her Novel Fox

Renowned Croatian author, Dubravka Ugrešić, has won this year's Tportal award for best novel of the year.


Daša Drndić Dies

The award-winning, critically acclaimed Croatian novelist, Daša Drndić passed away this June in Rijeka at the age of 71. She boldly took on difficult subject matter in her novels from fascism to cancer. Her novel Sonnenschein (2007) won multiple awards in Croatia and the English translation (Trieste) was shortlisted for an international literary prize, as was her novel Belladonna (2012). Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Philology from the University of Belgrade, a Master’s Degree in Theater and Communications from Case Western University and a PhD from the University of Rijeka, her career was long and varied. She was a novelist, a playwright, an editor, a literary critic, a translator, she worked for twenty years as a writer, producer and editor for Radio Belgrade and wrote more than thirty radio plays and fifteen features. She taught Modern British Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Rijeka. Her writing has been published in numerous literary magazines and her books, thirteen in total, have been translated into multiple languages. Read a poignant tribute to her and her work in the Guardian.


2018 Lit Link Literature Festival Begins, Welcoming American Authors This Year

The annual Lit Link festival brings together notable foreign authors and Croatian authors for a three-day event packed with bilingual literary readings across several Croatian cities. This year’s American guests include the author Nell Zink, the author and musician Elijah Wald, and two authors who Granta Magazine named among the Best Young American Novelists in 2017, Jesse Ball and Catherine Lacey, as well as a number of American editors and publishers. The festival opens Thursday (28.6) in Pula, moves to Rijeka on Friday (29.6) and concludes with a big closing event in Močvara Club in Zagreb on Saturday (30.6).

Festival Program
Pula: 28.6, Thursday, 20:30; “Dnevni boravak” in DC Rojc
Rijeka: 29.6, Friday, 19:00; Book caffe Dnevni boravak
Zagreb, 30.6, Saturday, 18:00; Močvara Club


Daša Drndić's Belladonna Shortlisted for First EBRD Prize

The new prize, awarded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, honors excellent English translations of books from countries where the bank operates- a vast stretch of land spanning from Central Europe to Central Asia. Dasa Drndic’s Belladonna, translated by Celia Hawkesworth, was shortlisted along with the Nobel Prize winner, Orhan Pamuk’s Red Woman. Tea Tulic’s novel, Hair Everywhere, which was translated by Coral Petkovich was longlisted for the prize. The 20,000 euro prize is split evenly between author and translator as the award intends to encourage more high quality English translations of authors from these regions. The winner will be announced in April, 2018.


Damir Karakaš wins Fric Award

On Tuesday, December 19, 2017 the literary FriC Award Ceremony was held in the Foyer of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb. The award was granted to Damir Karakaš for his novel, Remembering Forest.
The Fric Award, which takes its name from Miroslav Krleža's nickname, was launched by the weekly magazine Express with the desire to position it as an award for literary works that in their widest sense reflect the modern world.


Lit Link Festival 2017 in Pula, Rijeka and Zagreb

The 'Lit Link Festival' in Croatia (or 'Književna karika' - in Croatian) is a three-day literary tour whose participants are writers, editors and publishers. This year the motto of the Lit Link Festival is “Despite Brexit” and the guests are British writers, editors and publishers.
The festival consists of three evening readings in which both Croatian authors and British authors participate. The readings will take place in the coastal cities of Pula (29th June, Centar Rojc) and Rijeka (30th June, Astronomski centar), as well as the inland capital, Zagreb (1st July, Club Močvara/Mochvara).


World Literature Today on Dubravka Ugrešić - the laureate of the 2016 Neudstadt Prize

Dubravka Ugrešić’s work takes center stage in the most recent issue of World Literature Today. She is the winner of the 2016 Neustadt Prize.


Slobodan Šnajder the winner of T-portal 2016 literary award

The finalists were the novels “The Brass Times” by Slobodan Šnajder, “Alone by the Sea” by Zoran Ferić, “No Signal Area” by Robert Perišić, “Skin-coloured Cloud” by Nebojša Lujanović, and “Your Son Huckleberry Finn” by Bekim Sejranović.


First Croatian newspaper for asylum-seekers, refugees launched

The monthly publication was launched with the aim of establishing closer mutual trust and offering information to people who were forced to leave their homes in search of protection and security, it was said at the launch.
Most of the newspapers' authors are asylum-seekers.


Europe's best indie novels listed in support of UK remaining in EU

The independent publisher Dedalus Books is making its own small case for remaining in the EU, with its “Reading Europe” promotion, a selection of novels from EU countries intended to “let the reader know the literature, history and culture of each country better”. They are all from UK independent publishers, all translated into English, and of course, two of them are Croatian.


French Translations of Eight Poetry Collections by Croatian Authors

Eight poetry books by Croatian poets and poetesses have been translated into French and published by the French publishing house L'Ollave within the edition "Domaine croate/ Poésie". The editor-in-chief Jean de Breyne launched this special edition in 2012 in order to introduce the readers with this very prolific and heterogeneous poetic production of whose existence the French public was previously almost completely unaware.


11 Books To Read This Spring According to Paper Magazine

In the wise words of Kylie Jenner, 2016 is the year of "realizing things." If you want to speed up the revelation process, books are a good way to go. In the selection below, we've found a nice surprise: a ''dazzling, funny and deadly serious novel with which a glorious new European voice has arrived'' (The Guardian) - Adios, Cowboy, by Olja Savičević Ivančević.


Star Wars Adds Shine to Croatian 'Pearl' Dubrovnik

The new Star Wars movie will be part-filmed in the Croatian resort of Dubrovnik in March, bringing the city additional prestige among film fans and marketing potential.


Dubravka Ugrešić, winner of the Neustadt Prize

Dubravka Ugrešić announced as 2016 winner of prestigious Neustadt International Prize for Literature


The Eastern Iowa Gazette reviewers selected Perisic's Our Man in Iraq as one of their favorites in 2013

Gazette book reviewers who have shared their insights about more than 100 books in 2013 were asked to name just five favorites from the long list of books they read this year.

One of them, Laura Farmer, include in her favorites “Our Man in Iraq” by Robert Perisic. She wrote that this was one of the most striking novels of the year. When Boris begins sending incoherent reports back to Croatia from Iraq, Toni, Boris’ cousin, rewrites them, blurring the line between truth and fiction and raising points about the role of the media, truth, and the chances we take in life to do what we think is best.


Literary Link - LitLink at UNIRI Library

At the University Library in Rijeka at the American Corner, the LitLink programme will be held on Friday, September 27th, from 4:00 PM to 4:45 PM in the Glagoljica exhibition hall, with american writers Elianna Kan and Ernesto Estrella as guests .


Lit Link Festival 2013

26th-28th of September 2013

Pula 26.9. - Rijeka 27.9. - Zagreb 28.9. 2013.

The first edition of the festival hosts American writers, publishers and editors.
A number of Croatian authors present their work.
Lit Link Festival wants to induce the two-way exchange of fresh information.
Readings: Heidi Julavits, Damir Karakaš, Tao Lin, Zoran Ferić, Ernesto Estrella, Marinko Koščec, James Hopkin, Vlado Bulić, Buzz Poole, Sibila Petlevski, Renato Baretić, Tea Tulić, Bekim Sejranović, Drago Glamuzina, Nikola Petković, Vedrana Rudan, Slađana Bukovac, Gordan Nuhanović, Vladimir Stojsavljević, Drago Orlić, Neven Ušumović
Lectures and discussions: Richard Nash, John O’Brien, Elianna Kan, Buzz Poole, Gaston Bellemare...


Croatia’s biggest leap since independence

Independent, 16 June 2013, by Keith Micallef

The 1st July is seen by many as a historic day in Croatia’s relatively brief existence as an independent state, marking the country’s accession to the EU. Twenty-two years have passed since the country declared its independence from Yugoslavia. Before that, Croatia’s only experience as an independent state was between 1941 and 1945, as a German puppet state under Nazi leadership. After a civil war that ended in 1995, EU membership was only a distant image on the horizon. Yet, after a prolonged negotiation period spanning more than six years, in 2011 Croatia finally received the green light to join the elite club, two years later.


Trieste wins Independent Foreign Fiction Readers’ Prize

The winner of the 2013 Prize is 'The Detour' by Gerbrand Bakker, translated by David Colmer'. Themes of infidelity, exile and isolation won over the judges of this year’s Prize to give the author his second major prize win. His previous novel The Twin won the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. Translator David Colmer will share the prize money with Bakker, in this unique award that recognises writer and translator equally.


Our man in America




Trieste, By Dasa Drndic

The Independent

Boyd Tonkin

Friday 19 April 2013


Perisic's book launch in New York

Facing the U.S. tour of Robert Perisic

The author will undertake a North American reading & cultural tour. Inaugural U.S. Event will take place in New York City on Tuesday, April 23 at 7:00pm - Hausing Works, Bookstore cafe


Trieste Is Shortlisted

The shortlist for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize is announced, and Daša Drndić is on it!


Daša Drndić long-listed for the 2013 Independent Foreign Fiction Prize

Drndić was shortlisted for her novel Trieste, a story about Jews of Gorizia in Northeast Italy during World War II.
The Independent Foreign Prize honours the best work of fiction by a living author, which has been translated into English from any other language and published in the United Kingdom.


Perisic's novel selected as one of the Most Anticipated Books of 2013

A very popular American site on books and literary culture, The Millions, selected Robert Perisic's novel Our Man in Iraq as one of the Most Anticipated Books of 2013.


New Meštrović's book published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing

After having published his book Dispersion of Meaning - The Fading Out of the Doctrinaire World? (2008), the same publisher CSP - Cambridge Scholars Publishing has just published a collection of nine inter-linked essays by Matko Meštrović under the title Towards a New Orientation. A Croatian version of the book, Prema novom usmjerenju, was published by Zagreb publisher Antibarbarus.


Horvat and Štiks in Monthly Review Magazine

An article 'Post-Socialism, the European Union, and a New Left in the Balkans', published in Monthly Review is a theoretical paper written by Srećko Horvat and Igor Štiks who are also the editors of theoretical part of the Subversive Festival in Zagreb.


Ivan Sršen on the Earthquake in Zagreb

Ivan Sršen (b. 1979) holds a degree in History and Linguistics from the University of Zagreb. He worked in multiple publishing houses before co-founding his own publishing company, Sandorf, in 2008. He’s authored the novel Harmatten (2013), a collection of short stories Skela, bajke iz automata za kavu (2010) (Fairytales from the Coffee Machine), co-authored a nonfiction book, Povijest zagrebačkih knjižnica (2010) (The History of Zagreb’s Libraries) and edited the collection of short stories, Zagreb Noir (2015). He lives and works in Zagreb.

Zagreb, Croatia’s capital city, faced one of the biggest challenges in its 1000 year history on March 22nd, 2020. In the midst of a global pandemic, a 5.5 Richter earthquake struck the city of one million inhabitants. Ivan Sršen shares his personal experience of being at the center of dual disasters.


More Zagreb Street Art

Explore TimeOut's gallery of fascinating and at times thought-provoking art in the great open air gallery of the streets of Zagreb.


Welcome to Zagreb's Hangover Museum

Partied too hard last night? Drop by Zagreb's Hangover Museum to feel more normal. People share their craziest hangover stories and visitors can even try on beer goggles to experience how the world looks like through drunken eyes.


Jonathan Bousfield on the Future as Imagined in 1960s Socialist Yugoslavia

How will the futuristic world of 2060 look? How far will technology have advanced, and how will those advancements affect how we live our everyday lives? These are the questions the Zagreb-based magazine Globus asked in a series of articles in 1960, when conceptualizing what advancements society would make 40 years in the future, the then far-off year of 2000. The articles used fantastical predictions about the future to highlight the technological advancements already made by the then socialist Yugoslavia. Take a trip with guide, Jonathan Bousfield, back to the future as envisioned by journalists in 1960s Yugoslavia.


Zagreb's Street Art

So you're visiting Zagreb and are curious about it's underground art scene? Check out this guide to Zagreb's street art and explore all the best graffiti artists' work for yourself on your next walk through the city.


Review of Daša Drndić's Belladonna

One of Croatia's brightest literary stars who sadly passed away last year left a trove of brilliant writing as her legacy. Read a review of Daša Drndić's novel, Belladonna (2012), in the link below.


An Interview with Olja Savičević Ivančević

Step into the award-winning author Olja Savičević Ivančević’s world as she peels away the many layers of her hometown Split and all of Dalmatia in the interview below.


Zagreb's Amazing Daughters

International Women’s Day offers the opportunity to reflect on amazing women that have made a lasting impression on the world. But recognizing the important ways women shape and impact our world shouldn’t be limited to one day out of the year. Check out some of Zagreb’s most memorable women in the link below.


Untranslatable Croatian Phrases

What’s the best way for an open-minded foreigner to get straight to the heart of another culture and get a feel for what makes people tick? Don’t just sample the local food and drink and see the major sights, perk up your ears and listen. There’s nothing that gives away the local flavor of a culture more than the common phrases people use, especially ones that have no direct translation.

Check out a quirky list of untranslatable Croatian phrases from Croatian cultural guide extraordinaire, Andrea Pisac, in the link below:


Jonathon Bousfield on the Museum of Broken Relationships

Just got out of a serious relationship and don't know what to do with all those keepsakes and mementos of your former loved one? The very popular and probably most unique museum in Zagreb, the Museum of Broken Relationships, dedicated to preserving keepsakes alongside the diverse stories of relationships gone wrong, will gladly take them. Find out how the museum got started and take an in-depth look at some of its quirkiest pieces in the link below.


The Lasting Impact of the 1980s on Zagreb

Find out how the 1980s, which saw the pinnacle of the domestic music scene, uncertain and rapidly changing political circumstances, and a more open and critical media, shaped the soul of modern-day Zagreb.


Cool Things To Do in Zagreb

Zagreb is Croatia’s relaxed, charming and pedestrian-friendly capital. Check out Time Out’s definitive Zagreb guide for a diverse set of options of what to explore in the city from unusual museums to legendary flea markets and everything in between.


Jonathan Bousfield on Diocletian's Legacy in Split

Diocletian’s Palace is the main attraction in Split, the heart and soul of the city. Because of the palace, Split’s city center can be described as a living museum and it draws in the thousands of tourists that visit the city annually. But how much do we really know about the palace’s namesake who built it, the last ruler of a receding empire? Jonathan Bousfield contends that history only gives us a partial answer.


The Poetry of Zagreb

Cities have served as sources of inspiration, frustration, and discovery for millennia. The subject of sonnets, stories, plays, the power centers of entire cultures, hotbeds of innovation, and the cause of wars, cities are mainstays of the present and the future with millions more people flocking to them every year.

Let the poet, Zagreb native Tomica Bajsić, take you on a lyrical tour of the city. Walk the streets conjured by his graceful words and take in the gentle beauty of the Zagreb of his childhood memories and present day observation.


Jonathon Bousfield's Take on the Croatian Cultural Landscape in 2018

What could possibly tie together island musicals, political thrillers, 60s Yugoslavian culture, contemporary Croatian authors, graphic novels set amongst a backdrop of urban decay, Le Cobustier inspired architecture and a classic 20th century author’s firsthand account of 1920s Russia? Proving that he really does have his finger on the pulse of Croatian’s cultural scene, Jonathon Bousfield expounds on all of this and more in his 2018 Croatian Cultural Guide, check it out in the link below.


Jonathon Bousfield Reviews the English Translation of Krleža's Journey to Russia

Krleža, a giant of 20th century European literature, is woefully undertranslated into English. Read Jonathon Bousfield’s compelling review of the master Krleza’s part travelogue, part prose account of the time he spent in Russia as a young man in the mid-1920s, Journey to Russia, which is accessible to English readers for the first time.


Mirogoj Cemetery: An Architectural Jewel

Going to a cemetery may not be the first idea that pops into your mind when visiting a new city. But the stunning Mirogoj cemetery in Zagreb, which was designed by the renowned Austrian architect, Herman Bolle, is definitely worth a bit of your time. Read more below to find out why.


You Haven't Experienced Zagreb if You Haven't Been to the Dolac Market

Dolac, the main city market, is a Zagreb institution. Selling all the fresh ingredients you need to whip up a fabulous dinner, from fruits and vegetables to fish, meat and homemade cheese and sausages, the sellers come from all over Croatia. Positioned right above the main square, the colorful market is a beacon of a simpler way of life and is just as bustling as it was a century ago.


Croatian Phrases Translated into English

Do you find phrases and sayings give personality and flair to a language? Have you ever pondered how the culture and history of a place shape the common phrases? Check out some common sayings in Croatian with their literal translations and actual meanings below.


Discover Croatia's Archaeological Secrets

Discover Croatia’s rich archaeological secrets, from the well known ancient Roman city of Salona near Split or the Neanderthal museum in Krapina to the often overlooked Andautonia Archaeological Park, just outside of Zagreb, which boasts the excavated ruins of a Roman town or the oldest continuously inhabited town in Europe, Vinkovci.


Hollywood and Dubrovnik

The medieval city in Croatia is having a geek-culture moment as the setting for King’s Landing in the HBO series “Game of Thrones”.
Hollywood seems to have discovered Dubrovnik. Parts of The Last Jedi, the eighth episode in the Star Wars saga, also take place in the fortress town. Filming wrapped this year on a new Robin Hood film starring Taron Eagerton, Jamie Foxx, and Jamie Dornan (and produced by Leonard DiCaprio). The 25th James Bond film is reported to begin shooting in the city in January 2018.
But not everyone appreciates all the attention.


Croatian Sites on UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List

A little know fact is that Croatia, together with Spain, have the most cultural and historical heritage under the protection of UNESCO, and Croatia has the highest number of UNESCO intangible goods of any European country.


Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb

The National Theater in Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, is one of those things which always finds its way to every visitor’s busy schedule.


Zagreb Festivals and Cultural Events

Numerous festivals, shows and exhibitions are held annually in Zagreb. Search our what's on guide to arts & entertainment.

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